Travel Guide : Baler, Aurora

  • Baler is a municipality and the capital of Aurora province
  • the home town of Manuel L. Quezon
  • Its original name was Kinagunasan
  • Known as a surfing destination specilally during surfing season from September to February. Waves can reach up to nine feet high.
Origin of the name “Baler”
There are different theories about the origin of the name Baler.
  1. Fron the local legend, it came come “Balid” the name of a wise powerful Lakan or chieftain who lived in the village in the area.
  2. From the dialect spoken by nomadic people of the area. “Baled,” a word in the latter’s language, meant waves.
  3. Some people said that it was from a women’s name, Valeriana. Other says it was from a missionary named Fray Pedro Valeriano.
  4. The last version was that Baler came from the word “Balod” which is the name of a large mountain dove which abounded in the area.
Direct Bus to BalerGenesis Transport Bus provides the only direct route to Baler from Metro Manila. They have 5 to 6 trips daily form Manila to Baler. Daily trips starts from 3:00am to 7:30am. Bus fare is around 550.00 pesos.
Genesis Transport
G/F & 2/F Genesis Transport Building, 704 EDSA cor New York St., Cubao Quezon City
Phone : (02)332.8034 / (02)421.1425 Email :
They also have luxury trips via Joy Bus (also owned by Genesis Transport) . Travel time is five hours. Bus fare is around 750.00 pesos.
Bus via CabanatuanIf your schedule will not permit you for a direct route, you can opt to take bus going to Cabanatuan City. When you get to Cabanatuan Central Terminal there are Vans waiting going to Baler. There are a lot of buses going to Cabanatuan City. Bus fare is 185 pesos fro aircon buses. Van fare is 220 pesos. Three to four hours travel time going to Cabanatuan then another three hours going to Baler.
via Private TransportationFrom Manila, enter the North Expressway at Balintawak and exit at Sta. Rita Bulacan. From there, follow the highway leading to Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. From Cabanatuan City Proper, follow signs leading to Bongabon until you come to a fork, where you see a sign “to Baler” headed right. Turn right and you will reach the foot of the Baler-Bongabon highway which eventually runs right into Aurora National Memorial Park. Beware of wild zigzagging roads, fast trucks and landslides during rainy season. After approximately 150 kilometers, you will see the Aurora Welcome Arch. Proceed until you reach the town of San Luis. Stay on the highway until you see the sign going to Baler, and you will be in its town proper within minutes.
To go back from Baler to Manila you can take the buses directly going to cubao. But during the day your option is to take van going to Cabanatuan City and then bus going to Cubao.
The usual way around Baler is via Tricycle. From the central terminal going to Sabang beach cost 15 pesos per person. If you came with private transportation you can also bring your own bike and bike around the area. You also walk. If you want to go to a tour you can hire a tricycle. 500 pesos for half day tour and 800 pesos for whole day.
If you will be visiting Baler, Aurora Province and need someone to Tour you around please don’t hesitate to contact ZOREN VILLANOS of BACTTODA no 0706. His contact number is 09108085109. This young man can give you a tour around Baler and it’s tourist attraction. You can also asked him where you can stay if your in a budget and food establishment where you can eat which are very affordable. This man is very nice, polite and very accommodating.
There are a lot of transient houses around Baler. You can do online search if you wish to do reservations (specially during pick season). For regular days including weekdays you can easily find transient houses beside or near Sabang beach. You can asked asked Zoren for an affordable place to stay and he can bring you there and you can choose the type of rooms that you want.
If you are not planning to spend you entire stay in the transient house you can visit SUNRISE TRANSIENT. You can contact Ate Hannah/Anna at 09482665540. Please note this is just a basic aircon room with CR. Has 2 queen size bed good for 4 people but very spacious. Nothing special I should say. Just a good place to sleep after a long tiring day.
You can get a non aircon room for 800 pesos good for 4 person, Aircon rooms start at 1200 pesos also good for 4 person. There are also other luxury resort in baler such as Costa Pacifica.
Learn to Surf at Sabang Beach
What’s the sense of going to Baler, specially if it is your first time without surfing. Surfing typically cost 500 pesos (200 for the surf board rent and 300 for the instructor) good for an hour.
Go for a Tour
Whole day tour cost 800 pesos and 500 pesos for Half day. The tour typically includes the following :
Millennium Tree
It is a Balete Tree, which is more than 600 year old. It stand 65 meters or more than 200 ft tall. has a crown diameter of 60m. It needs 50 people standing side-by-side and hand-in-hand to circle the tree. Entrance fee is 15 pesos.
Ditumabo Waterfalls
Experience the clean and crystal clear water of Ditumabo Waterfalls also known as Mother Falls. The tour only includes the ride going to the entrance. Since Ditumabo waterfalls is located from another town you will be required to get a tour guide. 200 pesos for every tour guide and it’s good for 10 person. Entrance fee is 30 pesos.

Diguisit Beach and Aniao Islets
This is were you can find stunning rock formations. Good for photo ops. Just be cautious as you hop through the rocks because they are slippery. On the left side you can find the Aniao Islets.

Diguisit waterfalls
Along your way to Diguisit Beach you can stop over at the Diguisit waterfalls. It is literally beside the road. In just less than 5 mins hike you can take photos of the falls.

Ermita Hill
As per the story, a great storm came and a huge wave called “tromba marina” washed out the old settlement in Baler, Aurora. The old town location was in Barrio Sabang. It was believed that the known survivors were the Angaras, Bijasas, Bitongs, Lumasacs, Carrascos, and Pobletes who swam (take note of the word ‘swam’) in the nearby Ermita Hill. The families who survived the disaster were said to have climbed up the hill for safety. You can find a chapel, view decks, gazebos, a large picnic area, and restrooms in Ermita Hill.
There is nothing much to see here except to the nice overlooking view of Sabang Beach and Baler. Ermita Hill is open to visitors from 6AM to 7PM. Entrace fee is 15 pesos.

Museo de Baler
First thing that you will notice in Museo de Baler is the building unique facade. This museum is faily new so do not expect too much. The first floor contains dew artifacts while the second floor displays mostly nice paintings.

Dona Aurora Quezon House
Few block away you will find the Dona Aurora Quezon House. Dona Aurora Quezon is the wife of the late Manuel Quezon and the second first lady of the Philippines. The Province of Aurora was name after her. Another familiar place that was named after her is the Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City.
Whats is the house? This is obviously not the original structure of the house. This is just a replica of the original house. It is located at corner of San Luis & Rizal St. It is a two story house. It has a in-house library. The second floor had the portrait of the Commonwealth’s First Couple. There are few old items such as cooking pots, old clothes iron (the one that uses charcoal. I remember I used to that kind of the iron during my younger years. That’s what I’ve used the first time I learned to iron my own clothes. ) and old sewing machine.
Entrance fee is 30 pesos. Make sure to keep your receipt upon payment so you no longer have to pay again.
Hanging Bridge
Experience the Hanging Bridge in Brgy Zabali!

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Travel Guide : Sagada, Mountain Provice


  1. Sagada is located in Mountain Province and part of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).
  2. Sagada has two climates, wet and dry season. Wet season is from November to February while dry season is from March to May. It is coldest during February, when the average temperature drops as low as 4 degrees Celsius.
  3. People of Sagada are Igorotos who speaks their local dialects called Kankana-ey. However most residents are also fluent in filifino (tagalog) and english.
  4. Christianity has long been established in Sagada.
  5. Sagada has total of 19 barangays : Aguid, Ambasing, Angkileng, Antadao, Balugan, Bangaan, Dagdag (Poblacion), Demang (Poblacion), Fidelisan, Kilong, Madongo, Patay (Poblacion), Pide, Nacagang, Suyo, Taccong, Tanulong, Tetepan Norte, and Tetepan Sur

Walk or bike. With the smallest land area of 8,337 hectares from the Mountain Province plus blessed with a cool climate and lush pine forests, walking is a MUST to make the most of the Sagada experience. If you came thruohg private transport, you can also bring your own bike.


Inns and transient home can easily be found around the area. Room rates is 150 to 300 pesos per person.


There are a lot of small restaurants around the area where you can eat at a very affordable price. People of Sagada don’t serve frozen food or don’t store supplies like in other cities. This is the reason why often time certain dishes from there menu are not available.
Tip : Don’t wait yourself to get hungry before ordering or going to the restaurants since food are made to order. It is advisable to order your food three to four hours before you dine in the restaurants.

Salt and Pepper
They offer a variety of dishes but they are limited specially when there are too many customers. The ambiance will make you feel home. Food is great and very affordable. They also serve brewed coffee and I just love it!
Another plus is that they accept credit and debit cards!


Sagada Lemon Pie House
They have limited dishes but they are famous with their Lemon Pies. Layered with sour lemon paste as the base, and is topped by a soft meringue icing. They also have egg pie, apple pie and blueberry pie if your into sweets.


There are a lot of IG worthy sceneries in Sagada but if you think that taking photos is the only thing that you can do around with awesome place, then you are absolutely wrong. Here are some place that you can visit and activities that you can do.

  • Sagada’s Church of St. Mary the Virgin.Sagada is the only predominantly Episcopalian christian city/municipality in the country. The American missionaries established an Episcopalian parish in the very early 1900s called the Church of St. Mary the Virgin. It was originally built under the direction of Rev. John Staunton year 1904, under the American regime and became a parish year 1962. This structrure have survived the World War 2 and was just repaired.

  • Kiltepan Tower/Viewpoint. When you reached the top of the hill you will be amazed with the spectacular scenery and endless mountain panorama. You can also find trhe view of the breathtaking rice terraces. This is also a perfect place to witness the glorous sunrise. As the dawn break the sky will be filled with different hues of the sky. You can see the deep blue sky slowly brightens and turned to bright yellow.
  • Echo Valley and the Hanging Coffins. This is a popular place where you can find the hanging coffins from the limestone cliffs. You will pass through the municipal cemetery before you can see the view of hanging coffins. A short trek is required to get deep  down the valley. The trek is short but it wasn’t easy be extra cautious with your steps.
  • Chase Water Falls. Pongas (Twin Waterfalls). Treking in a narrow trail for 2-3 hours  is required to get to the top of the mountain where you can find the amazing view of the twin falls. Other falls that you can visit are Bomod-ok Falls and Bokong Falls .
  • Spelunking/Caving. Your Trip to Sagada will never be complete without trying their extreme activities, especially Cave Connection. This is spelunking both the Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves for roughly 4-5 hours. The cave connection starts in Lumiang Cave where you can find the wooded coffins in the entrance of the cave. You will then exit at Sumaging Cave where you can find amazing rock formations.Sumaguing is bigger and longer than Lumiang. It is very dark inside Sumaguing cave. It is avisable that you bring your own flash light.

Cave IN (9).jpg

Cave IN (1).jpg

Here is a list of other must-see places in Sagada :

  • Visit Ganduyan Museum. Packed with precious artifacts and antiques from the Cordillera region of the Philippines. Antique basketry, weapons, farm tools, beads, jars, wooden items and textiles can be seen here. Each display offers an insight into the rich culture of the Cordillera Igorots.
  • Lake Danom – has a small pool where you can watch the sunset
  • Latang Underground River – it is near Matangkib cave
  • Mt. Amapacao – tallest mountain in Sagada
  • Mt. Polis – offers a view of forest and villages
  • Sagada Weaving Shop – sells woven bags, wallets, hats etc.
How to get to Sagada?
Check out my previous post, Travel Guide : How to get to Sagada?

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Travel Guide : How to get to Sagada?

A. Manila – Sagada

Daily trips are availble at CODA LINES Corporation. Bus leaves Manila by 9:00 am going to Sagada. While from Sagada bus leaves by 2:00 pm going to Manila.
CODA LINES Corporation
Location : HM Transport Inc. Monte de Piedad, corner Maryland street, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Contact number : 0927 559 2197 
Email :
B. Manila – Baguio – Sagada

1. From Manila take a bus going to Baguio. Large liners, like Victory Liner and Genesis Bus have buses that leave every hour and are open 24/7.
2. From Baguio take a local bus going to Bontoc, the capital of Mountain province.
3. Take a jeepney from Bontoc to Sagada.
C. Manila – Banaue – Sagada


Location : Cor. Fajardo St., Lacson Ave, Sampaloc, Manila
Mobile : 0927-649-3055 ; 0917-506-0817 
Telephone : (02) 516-0501 
Book online!

1. Take a bus going to Banaue.

2. Take a van from Banaue going to Sagada or Bontoc. The passenger vans are usually parked at the jeep terminal near the Banaue tourism office. These vans has a quick stop over in view point Banaue where you can take some photos of the famous Banue Rice Terracess.
Total travel time may take upto 12 hours.
Drive along NLEX, passing by provinces of Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Ifugao, and finally, Mt. Province.
Get to know more about Sagada from my other post.
Travel Guide : Sagada, Mountain Provice
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Travel Guide : How to commute going to Hermana Menor and Hermana Mayor Island Zambales

  1. Take a Victory Liner bus bound for Sta Cruz Zambales. Fare is from P450-490 and travel time is from 5-6 hours. Tell the driver  drop you off at the Petron Station in Brgy. Lipay, Sta. Cruz. Terminal is located in Sampaloc, Caloocan and Pasay.  Note that there’s no direct Sta. Cruz bound bus in Cubao terminal. (Check out their trip schedules)
  2.  From Brgy Lipa’s Petron station, ride a tricycle going to the port. Fare is PhP 10 per person and the ride will take 3-5 minutes.
  3.  From the port, rent a boat to take you to Hermana Menor and/or Hermana Mayor. Travel time is from  30-40 minutes.  Boat fee is from PhP 1,300-1,500 (two way) with a maximum capacity of  5-6 pax.
Photo by Chi_Aguanta
Notes :
  • There’s a mini-market just across the gas station. You can buy fish, meat, vegetables and fruits that you can cook in the island just in case you did not bring cooked food.
  • Make sure to bring your drinking water.
  • Water is avalable but for rinsing only. 
  • Hemana Menor entrance fee is Php 100.00 per head
  • Four picnic cottages. You can rent a cottage good for 15-20 persons for PhP 1000. Three cottages good for 8-10 persons can be rented for PhP 500 each cottage. There’s also a Victorian-inspired dining set available.
  • Separate basic rest rooms for men and women is available
  • No store in the island so make sure to bring your basic needs before heading to the island.
  • Camping overnight is not allowed.
  • Leave No Trace Princile

Travel Guide : How to get to Laki Beach in Bataan?


How to get there via public transportation?

1. Assuming that you are from Manila you can ride a bus. The most popular bus lines bound to Mariveles were Bataan Transit / Genesis, they have terminal in Cubao, Avenida and  Pasay). Fare is approximately Php300
2. Drop-off point at Mariveles town proper where the bus terminal is.
3. Proceed to Brgy. Balon. tell the driver to drop you at Porto where you can rent the boat going to Laki beach.

  • You can take a jeepney with minimum fare
  • or you can take a tricycle for less than Php100 (much expensive)

4. Rent a boat going to Laki Beach.

  • Daytour: boat is Php2000-Php2500. overnight is Php3000-Php3500. (Capacity: 5-7pax) That includes Cove to Cove Adventured.
  • You can look for Kuya Tikboy or Ate Melca (the wife)  09075946138 / 09971074378

What to do in Laki beach?
  • Swim
  • Take Photos
  • Cliff dive
  • Camping
  • Island hopping
  • Bring your own food You can also cook there.
  • If you want to go for an over night,bring your own tent or hammock..
  • There are few cottages that you can use free of charge.
  • No cellular signal in the area.
  • No electricity
  • There were small sari-sari store where you can by basic stuff (subject for availability). As much as possible bring your essential stuff before going there.
  • Water source is available but not for drinking.
  • Please practice LEAVE NO TRACE PRINCIPLE


As of this writing we were the second to the last group who departed Laki Beach. During our last day of our stay everyone was asked by the care taker to depart the beach and new tourist were not allowed to come in. As per the rumors the owner of Laki Beach is coming to visit the area and might turned it to a private property/Resort. I hope it will just remain a rumor.



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Travel Guide : Experience Calaguas (Mahabang Buhangin)!

There are a lot of travel and tour organizers offering Calaguas tours now a days that can easily bring you to this wonderful island with less stress and hassle. However there are still people who prefer a DIY (Do It Yourself) travel specially those who love to travel alone and more adventurous. For those people who find enjoyment is traveling alone this post with guide you in going to Calaguas.

Where is Calaguas?

The Calaguas is located in the province of Camarines Norte. It includes the major islands of Tinaga Island and Guintinua Island, the minor Maculabo Island, as well as several other minor islands. It is a group of islands in the Pacific under the jurisdiction of the town of Vinzons.

The long stretch of beach named Halabang Baybay/Mahabang Buhangin (Long Beach), is a cove located in the Tinaga Island. The island has powdery white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and unspoiled natural resources that you will really enjoy the beauty, peace and serenity of the place.


How to commute to Calaguas (Mahabang Buhangin)?

via Vinzon

There are two point of entry going to Calaguas. The most common jump off point is Vinzons.

1. By land or by air going to Daet.

a. By land travel, ride a bus going to Daet, Camarines Norte. There are different buses that you can take from Cubao going to Daet. Philtranco, Amihan Bus Lines and Superlines are the most common. Travel time is approximately 8 hours to 10 hours depends on what service you take and bus fare ranges from Php 500.00 to Php 800.00.

b. If you want to cut your travel time, you may opt to take a plane from Manila to Naga. From Naga take a van going to Daet  (approximately 2 to 3 hours. Php 180 to Php 200)

2. From Daet you can hire a tricycle or ride a Jeep going to the fish port. It will take roughly 30 minutes of  your travel time.

via Paracale

1. Take Superlines bus bound directly to Paracale/Panganiban. However if you take a route from Daet, ride a passenger van bound for Paracale. (1 – 2 hours, Php 50 to Php 100)

From Vinzons or Paracale fish port charter a boat to Mahabang Buhangin or just tell boatmen that you are heading to Calaguas/Mahabang Buhangin. Boat rentals  good for 8 pax is Php3,000 – Php4,000 (for 2 days). There are bigger boats available as well for bigger group.


Where to Stay in Calaguas?

There are a lot of cottages and resorts now in the island that cost from Php 3000 to Php 6000.  If you are a camper, entrance fees is from Php 120 to Php 150 per person. Cottages is for as low as Php 500.

Important! before you set-up your tent make sure to ask the caretaker first if there are additional fees that you have to pay so you don’t caught off guard if all of a sudden someone demand you to pay something that you have no idea.

What to do in Calaguas?

  • Swimming
  • Scuba diving/snorkeling (bring your own equipment)
  • Island hopping
  • Camping – just bring your own camping equipments, enough foods and water supply.
  • Trekking




Travel Guide : What to do in Puerto Galera?

Municipality of Puerto Galera in know for its wonderful beaches. Apart from the different water sports activities that you can during the day and booming night life after dark the island has more to offer. Here are some things that you can do.

Island Tour

There a lot of people around the beach for different tours. You can opt to go for an island tour for an amount of 1,500 pesos. This tour includes trip to Bayanan Beach, Sandbar island and Haligi Beach. if you want to go on snorkeling they can bring you to places via smaller that you can definitely enjoy under water scenery . Just be ready to pay extra 200 pesos per head.  Visiting the Coral Garden, Giant Clams and San Antonio Island underwater cave would cost additional 600 pesos. You can always talk to your tour guide and choose go for a package to get a lower rate specially if your are in a group.

  • Php 1,500.00 (Up to 18 person) Puerto Galera Island Hopping Tour Rates
  • Php 600.00 Small boat going to Coral Garden, Giant Clams and San Antonio Island underwater cave

Inland Tour

The inland tour includes Jeepney or Van, Entrance fees and tour guide. Through the inland tour you can see the Fantastic Views at Ponderosa, Tamaraw Falls and Aplayang Munti Beach.
If you are into extreme sports activities, you can opt to visit Extreme Sports Adventure Park. Choice of Fun Activities (Go Kart, Mud Kart, Paintball, etc.)

  • Php 1,500  Inland Tour
  • Php 500.00 per person/activityy at Adventure Park

Visit amazing Water Falls

There are a lot of water falls around Puerto Galera to explore such as Tamaraw falls, Aninuan Falls, Tukuran Falls, and Talipanan Falls. I’m sure that’s theres probably more that yet soon to be discover.


Another well know activity in Puerto Galera is Diving. There are a lot of diving centers around Puerto Galera. Some of them were Canyons, Shark Cave, Hole in the wall, Sabang Wrecks, Sinandigan Wall, West Escarceo, Monkey Beach, Kilima Steps, St. Christopher Wreck, Dungon Wall/ Twin Wreck, Fish Bowl, Lalaguna Point, Sabang Point, Pink Wall, Jap Wreck, Boulders, Dry Dock, The Atoll, Odies Wall, Batangas Channel, Manila Channel, Coral Garden, The Hill, Hibo Reef, Verde Island, Maricaban Island

  •  Puerto Galera Diving Rates Starts at Php 1,300.00 per person.

Hangout in the Beach

What’s the point of going to Puerto Galera if you won’t enjoy the sun and its white sand beaches. Just a warning, White beaches gets crowded during summer time and weekends, It also become noisy during the night because of the booming night life.

If you are a type of person who enjoys serenity and peace I would suggest to visit other white sand beaches around Puerto Galera. Apart from the famous White Beach, there are other  beautiful beaches that are less crowded such as Aninuan Beach, Palangan Beach, Talipanan Beach and there’s more. All you need to do is ask your tour guides or the locals.

Water Sports activities

A side from sun bathing and swimming, why get a little more adventurous? try the different water activities such as, snorkeling and fish feeding, Jetski, Sailing, Kayaking, Parasailing, Fly Board, banana boat, and so much more.

Enjoy Night life

There are different bars near the shore. In the morning they are restaurants where you can eat and during the night those restaurant turns into loud bars. You can enjoy the presentations for the fire dancers during weekends.

Buy Souvenirs

Before you head home don’t forget your love once. Buy something for you and for them. Souvenirs shop is all over the place. From key chains, Shirts, bags, lampshades and more. There is definitely a lot of choices.

Travel Guide : How to commute going to Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro



First ride a bus going to Batangas port. Travel time will take you more or less 2 hours. Air-conditioned buses cost less than 200 pesos. From Manila just go to the following terminals:

  1. Bus Terminals near the corner of Taft Avenue and Gil Puyat Avenue (formerly Buendia), Pasay City – nearest the Airport.
  2. Bus Terminal near Ali Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.
  3. Bus Terminal in EDSA corner Kamias Street, Quezon City.
  4. Bus Terminal in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.
There are different Bus lines that can bring you to Batangas port such as ALPS, JAM, Goldstar Bus (formerly Cerres) and DLTB.
Upon arrival to Batangas Port, proceed to Terminal 3 where you can buy your tickets going to Puerto galera.
Puerto Galera has 4 major points of entry, namely, Sabang Pier, Muelle Pier, Balatero Pier and White Beach. If you have hotel reservation please asked your hotel to which ferry you should take to go directly there.
There are many shipping companies plying the Batangas-Puerto Galera route. The major passenger ferries are: FSL or Father and Son Shipping Lines, MSL or Minolo Shipping Lines and Challenge and Passion Shipping Lines.
The maximum capacity of an outrigger ferry is from 60 up to 150 passengers. The ticket costs 250 to 280 pesos, one-way. I highly suggest that you buy a round trip tickets to save yourself from any inconvenience and hassle.
The first trip of ferries from Batangas port is 7:30 AM and the last trip is 4:30 PM or 5:00 Pm during pick season.
Please note that on top of the ferry fare, each tourist is required to pay the following:
  • Batangas Pier Terminal Fee = 30.00 pesos
  • Environmental Users Fee = 50.00 pesos
  • Puerto Galera Exit Fee = 10.00 pesos
  • For Tourist exiting from Sabang Pier, Security Fee = 20.00 pesos
Once you arrive to Puerto Galera don’t forget to confirm your return tickets as early as possible if you have a round trip tickets..

Travel Guide : How to Get to the Cagsawa Ruins?

The Cagsawa Ruins are the remains of a 17th century church built by the Franciscans. The first church was erected in 1587 but was destroyed by Dutch marauders in 1646. The church was reconstructed in 1724 by Fr. Francisco Blanco. In February 1, 1814, Mt. Mayon began its most violent and deadly eruption in recorded history. Unfortunately, the church, along with most of the town of Cagsawa, was destroyed by lahars and pyroclastic flows, killing thousands of inhabitants.








What to see and do in Cagsawa Ruins National Park

  • Take photos of the classic postcard shot of the Mayon Volcano
  • Shop for souvenirs
  • Go for an ATV adventure

How to go to Cagsawa?

  • From Manila ride a bus going to Ligaspi, Albay
  • From Legazpi: Ride a jeepney bound for Camalig, Guinobatan, Ligao or Polangui. These will all pass by the junction leading to Cagsawa where you can walk or hire a tricycle to take you to the ruins

NOTE: Fares, routes, and schedules are subject to change without prior notice.


Main Office
2nd floor Rosita Ang building, Ziga Ave., corner A.A. Berces St. Tabaco City
Tel : 5682106 / 4875318 cellphone number : 09173461133
Ermita Booking Office
P4 Pader Faura Center 472 P. Faura Corner M.H. Del Pilar, Ermita Manila
Tel: 5248704 telefax : 5248704 Cell No. : 09174815809 / 09176063918
Ali Mall Booking Office
Araneta Center bus Terminal, Cubao, Quezon City
Tel : 9134514 / 4393787 cell No : 0917-6063918
Legazpi Satellite Booking Office
Tel : 8206598 Cell No : 09176498927
Daraga Booking Office
Lorete Building , Ilawod, Daraga Albay
Telephone number : 4833730 Cell No – 0917-6063916
Tabaco Booking Office Intergrated Bus terminal , Tabaco City
Tel No. – 8301075
LCC Booking Office Legaspi
Tel 4807810 to 13 loc 110
Tabaco Tel 4875315 / 4875356 loc 109
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Travel Guide : How to commute to Cayucyucan Beach


1. By land or by air going to Daet.

a. By land travel, ride a bus going to Daet, Camarines Norte. There are different buses that you can take from Cubao going to Daet. Philtranco, Amihan Bus Lines and Superlines are the most common. Travel time is apoximately 8 hours to 10 hours depends on what service you take and bus fare ranges from Php 500.00 to Php 800.00.

b. If you want to cut your travel time, you may opt to take a plane from Manila to Naga. From Naga take a van going to Daet (approximately 2 to 3 hours. Php 180 to Php 200)

2. From Daet, hire a tricycle or motorbike to Mercedes port, fare is around Php 100.00 to 150.00 good for 2-4 people. Then, from Mercedes port, take the short boat ride to Cayucyucan, fare is only Php 4.00 per head. From the port, take again another tricycle ride to Palm Farm Beach Resort or any nearby resort in Cayucyucan Beach.

REMINDER :  There are no restaurants in the area were you can eat. make sure you bring your own food and supplies. The resort do allow you to cook food. There are small sari-sari store in the resorts but the goods were really expensive.

Travel Guide : How to Get to Mt. Batulao?

By Bus:
  1. Take a bus bound for Nasugbu – Lemery. Inform the conductor that you’ll be going to Mt. Batulao. Exit the bus when you get to Evercrest Golf Course in Lemery, Batangas. Travel time is roughly 2 to 3 hours depending on the traffic.
  2. Once you get to Evercrest, you can either walk or take a tricycle going to the jump-off point which is Php 20.00 per head. In our case, since we ran out of budget, we walked from Evercrest going to the jump-off point.
 By Car:  Follow the route to Tagatay until you see Evercrest.
Things to Bring

For Day Hike

  • 1.5 to 2 L of water
  • Energy drinks (Pocari Sweat or Gatorade)
  • Hiking or trekking shoes or Sandals
  • Sun protection (hats, sun block, headgear, sunglasses)
  • Hiking gloves (optional but recommended)
  • Food (Snack and Lunch)
  • Picnic mat
  • Tent of course
  • Cooking equipment
  • Prepare PHP 30.00 per head for the camping fee
Now there’s 4 ways to hike on Mt. Batulao
  1. The old trail (Difficult)
  2. The new trail (Medium)
  3. The new to old (Difficult)
  4. The Old to New (Medium)